The Reassertion of Sovereignty in The Great South Land, now known as 'Australia'.

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Djaki Kundu, (Rocky Ridge in English) also known as 'The Gympie Pyramid'.

Djaki Kundu is located on the outskirts of Gympie in Kabi Bunya Djha (Bunya Country), and was constructed in ancient times by Kabi Ancestors. Protecting and using the site is integral to Kabi spiritual and religious belief. Part of Djaki Kundu contains stone terraced walls, which have been damaged in the past and are very overgrown. A ring of standing stones and a stone portal arrangement were displaced, though the stones are still present. Despite interference with the surface features, the site is highly significant to Kabi guardians who have an ongoing spiritual connection and tribal obligation to protect the sacred landscape.

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Djaki Kundu contains a spiritual portal, and a place to commune with the Kabi Ancestors. Djaki Kundu is also the keeping place of a special healing crystal, which is hidden deep underground because it's power makes it dangerous. Many people from all over the world visit the site every year, and some claim benefits to their physical health and spiritual well being.

Tribal song lines lead to Djaki Kundu from many directions. Bora rings at the site were used as gathering places for dispensing Djakurpa tribal Law and settling disputes, especially during the Bunya season.

The sacred site of Djaki Kundu is connected to the creator Biral, and it is the place to learn about the sky Ancestors, the 'Seven Sisters Dreaming' story, and the creation of Kabi at the beginning of time. The seven sisters came from the star system known as the Pleiades, 'Kabi' is Pleiades. In the beginning, there was a big war in heaven, and the fighting caused people to leave their sky home. The seven sisters came to earth and they liked this place, they began to make it their home. The seven sisters were chased all the way across the sky to earth, by the three brothers in the big canoe. The big canoe consists of the three belt stars from the star system known as Orion. The men from the big canoe liked the seven sisters, and lusted after them for their wives. One sister fell in love with a man from the big canoe, and they stayed here, taking on human form in order to survive in this environment.

The Ancient site of Djaki Kundu is also known as Rocky Ridge (in English), and was labelled 'The Gympie Pyramid' in the late 1970's or early 1980's. If you google Gympie Pyramid you will find a number of diverse erroneous theories as to it's creation, which ignore the truth of it's Kabi Ancestral origins. The Queensland government planned to destroy Djaki Kundu in order to construct a highway, and Kabi Elders are currently fighting to protect the site.