The Reassertion of Sovereignty in The Great South Land, now known as 'Australia'.

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It will probably come as a shock to many who regard themselves as 'Australians', that the peoples of the Original Sovereign tribal nations, are still the lawful Sovereign owners of the 'Australian' continent and it's islands. Sovereign Tribal Lore/Law is the pre-eminent law of the land, and other 'laws', statutes and regulations are in fact 'void ab initio', or invalid before they were written and not lawfully initiated.

Is the true state of Australia the biggest 'Australian' joke?


The British Crown has acknowledged numerous times in writing, that it claimed no jurisdiction over the country now known as Australia or it's 'native' peoples. This can be read in documents penned both before, and long after Captain Cook set foot on The Great South Land. The Acts include Queen Victoria's Pacific Islanders Protection Act 1875 (38 & 39 Vic. c. 51) (Imperial), section 7 of which states:

'Saving of rights of tribes. - Nothing herein or in any such Order in Council contained shall extend or be construed to extend to invest Her Majesty, with any claim or title whatsoever to dominion or sovereignty over any such islands or places aforesaid, or to derogate from the rights of the tribes or people inhabiting such islands or places, or of chiefs or rulers thereof, to such sovereignty or dominion...'

Queen Victoria's, Pacific Islanders Protection Act 1875 UK, is accessible from the Ozcase Queensland Historical Legal Collection website:


'Australia' as a State does exist, but where? The Crown and the Australian Governments have never possessed lawful jurisdiction on 'native' tribal lands. The Crown is actually a foreign colonising state, and the Australian Government is actually a corporate administrator of the colonising State, that was unlawfully appointed without the consent of the Sovereign Tribal Owners of the land on which the State unlawfully operates.

Are you laughing yet?

So where does 'Australia' have it's jurisdiction? 'Australia' appears to follow Admiralty Law, so does the jurisdiction lie on ships at sea? Or is 'Australia' a 'virtual State', who's only jurisdiction lies in contractual agreements?

Please read a short introduction to relevant documents from 'Australian' history here: ABOUT - FACTS


Most 'Australians' would acknowledge that the administrators are not working in the best interests of 'we the people', or the land on which we live, but appear to favour short term profit and outside interests, above more important concerns.

Government spending has increased dramatically, while public utilities are 'privatised' and services are slashed. Services to the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged are disappearing, cuts are continuing to domestic violence services, legal aid, health, education etc., and to the equivalent 'indigenous' programmes.


Remote communities are closed down, and big miners move in.

Farmers are also being forced off their land by banks and big miners.

Local car, shipbuilding, steel and other manufacturing industry is failing. It should be supported by government who could purchase locally, but instead, choose to purchase from overseas, increasing foreign debt.

Real jobs are disappearing, and increasing numbers of people are being forced into 'work for the dole' schemes which rob participants of a sustainable living, and amount to slave labour, while low paid foreign workers are handed real jobs via 457 visas, at wages and conditions far below those permitted for the employment of Australian citizens.

Governments are continuing to reduce funding to basic services including health, education, science, the environment, telecommunications, public housing, public transport, domestic violence services, pensions and the social security safety net which was put in place to support fellow countrymen in their time of need. Large corporations often pay little or no tax, while those with the lowest incomes are threatened with higher taxes in the form of a 15% GST on all goods and services. How is this fair? 

Government appears happy to subsidise big profitable corporations, while it labels disadvantaged men woman and children as leaners. This is very 'un-Australian'.

Coal, Coal seam gas and other mining exploration licences cover much of Australia. Environmentally irresponsible mining practices threaten our food supply, our water and our lives. Government ignores both their own regulations and our basic human rights, and fail in their duty of care to protect this land and it's occupants.

The land is being exploited for the profit of an elite few, with no concern for the impact of rampant development and mining on the environment, or the humans and animals of this land who depend on clean air and water for our survival.


Little or no respect is paid to our ancient cultural heritage and sacred sites, which appear to be the oldest evidence of 'modern human' activity on the planet. The destruction of the ancient cultural heritage of this land is destroying the ancient history of humanity. It is not only in breach of Crown Acts, but also of International Laws, United Nations Resolutions, and in breach of Australia's Constitution, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Acts and the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Yet agents of the government ignore their own statutes and regulations, and fail to protect our ancient sacred lands, sacred sites and cultural heritage. In many cases this is done in order to fast track the destructive mining 'developments' for companies who pay little or no tax and ship their profits overseas.

The destruction of both the ancient and environmental cultural heritage of the Original Sovereign Tribes is also destroying the tourism industry which provides needed income for many communities, forcing many families into further poverty or welfare dependence